Our Fees on Notary Service

Minimum Fee Guide by the Notaries Society

Formal Notarial Certificate

Certified true copy of single page document

Attestation (per signature) 

Any Duplicate

Taking an Affirmation, Affidavit or Statutory Declaration

Any Exhibit $250

Affixing of Apostille 

Any other Notarial Act(s)







 According to time spent


  • The above fees represent a guide only, bearing in mind the years of practice required before a Solicitor may apply to become a Notary Public and the requirement to pass independent examinations.
  • The fee guide is based on an hourly charging rate of HK$4,000 and any other work not covered above should be charged by reference to this minimum rate. Disbursements or other out-of-pocket expenses will be charged separately.
  • It is not possible to lay down a precise scale of fees because each notarial act will differ depending upon the circumstances, whether any particular expertise is required or involves substantial complexity or value.
  • The requirement of legalisation or the affixing of an Apostille involves work undertaken by outside parties which are not within the control of the Notary Public in view of timing or any requirements of such parties.
  • Apart from the notarial work undertaken, Notaries Public have a statutory responsibility to prepare and maintain a Register of all notarial acts as well as complying with other regulatory work, which is covered by the fees charged.
  • The recommended minimum fee guide will be revised from time to time and published by the Society.

Enquiries: 68889999
Our Notaries Public: Thomas Tse & Charles Tse
Examples of notarial works:  
  • Attest execution of documents
  • Provide certificates certifying the originality of copy documents,
  • Authenticate signatures and execution of documents
  • Take declarations, Affidavits, Oaths and Acknowledgments
  • Prepare or witness Powers of Attorney
  • Witnessing / attesting events and transactions
BOTH Thomas Tse and Charles Tse are Hong Kong notaries public. They are partners of Yip, Tse & Tang, a Hong Kong solicitors firm. Both are appointed by the Chief Judge of the High Court as Notary Public, being qualified to notarize international documents used in foreign countries.  
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