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For documents to be used internationally: USA, Canada, European countries, Russia, South America, Middle East, Africa, Taiwan, Macau and other Asia regions/countries. We have 2 full-time notary public.

Service Fee: HK$1,000 or up. Speedy same-day or immediate Service for Simple Documents and Witnessing for no extra charge. CALL NOW 6888-9999 (Miss Law) English/Cantonese.

In case Miss Law cannot be reached, please:

leave your voice message for call back or  
send us an email .
If you look for China attesting service i.e. attestation of Hong Kong documents for use in Mainland China, please visit our China attesting service website

When Notary Public Services are required?
You may need a Notary Public:
  • To Certify Identity
  • When dealing with international business transactions
  • When buying property abroad
  • To witness Powers of Attorney
  • When setting up a business or company abroad
  • To sponsor relatives from abroad
  • When adopting children
  • When dealing with travel documentation and work permits
A Notary Public is an Internationally recognised legal officer

A Hong Kong Notary Public has to obtain: 
  • special qualification through public examination and
  • recognition by the Chief Judge of the High Court.
International and Trusted Character of a Notary Public 
  • Notaries are granted the capacity and power to act in international transactions, foreign or oversea instruments
  • Their qualification is internationally recognised. 
  • A notarial act has special evidential status and weight abroad.
  • Notaries create records and preserve evidence of activities, agreements, transactions, and events.

"... a Notary is an internationally recognised legal officer who can authenticate signatures documents and facts."

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